Republicans for Clinton: Country Before Party


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Our Mission

Republicans for Clinton in 2016 (R4C16) is a grassroots network, independent of any campaign, of people across the country who have voted Republican, worked for Republicans and spent much of our lifetimes promoting a rational social, economic and foreign policy agenda reflective of American values and priorities.

But this year, the threat posed by Donald Trump compels us to consider what many of us never have: supporting the Democratic nominee for President.

In doing so, we recognize our equal obligation to identify a set of policy issues for our growing Republican constituency to engage Secretary Clinton.



Republicans can follow Trump, or we can stand up for our core principles. We can't do both.

JOHN STUBBS  |  Co-Founder R4C16

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If elected, Donald Trump would not only wreck the Republican party, but also individual freedom, economic growth and global stability. In temperament, character and preparation, Donald Trump is unfit to be President. R4C16 is encouraging the millions of Republicans who reject Trump's campaign to vote for Secretary Clinton to ensure he loses and does not become the standard bearer for the party and the nation.


support economic growth

R4C16 joins with founders and CEOs of major American businesses who have rejected Trump’s reckless economic plans and instead want to build an uplifting, inspiring and principled future for American business. Read the letter at


restore conservative leadership

Republicans are at a crossroads with future American voters: allow themselves to be stained with Trumpism, or restore credibility with future American voters rejecting Trump and returning to core principles. 





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