Together, we can make our party great again.  

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Republicans for Clinton in 2016 is a grassroots movement of people who have voted for Republicans, volunteered time for Republicans, and served in Republican administrations. Some of us were even elected to office as Republican public servants ourselves. We care deeply about the Republican party and its future. That's why this year we are committed to defeating Donald Trump and voting for Hillary Clinton for president. 

Policy experts, business leaders, and dedicated public servants who endorse Hillary Clinton and support R4C16's efforts include the following (listed alphabetically by last name, with previous Republican affiliation):

Ken Adelman, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and Arms Control Director

"A lifelong Republican who served President Reagan for 7+ years, I can't imagine a less Reagan-like figure than Donald Trump. He's everything Reagan wasn't -- racist, mean, ignorant, waffling, cowardly, policy-indifferent and -ignorant, self-absorbed, etc. I cannot vote for Trump and will not vote for any Republican, running for any office in November, who endorsed Trump. I want to send 'em a message. And, yes, I will vote for Hillary Clinton, since that constitutes a full vote against Trump -- rather than to not vote or go Libertarian, which is a half vote against Trump."

Charles Badger, former Director of Coalitions for Jeb Bush 2016, former Director of Legislative Affairs (NJ-Department of Community Affairs, Christie Administration), former Hill staff

"I must vote for a candidate who actually reads, studies policy, is prepared, and is running on bridging racial differences, not widening them."

Kurt Bardella, former advisor to Darrell Issa (R-CA) and former spokesman for Breitbart News

“It is glaringly obvious that Donald Trump does not have the temperament or the judgment to occupy the Oval Office. This is one of those times where the best interests of the whole outweigh any partisan allegiances or any specific issue. It’s why I’ve made the personal choice to vote for Hillary Clinton in November. Donald Trump is dangerous for America and is surrounding himself with a team that will empower him to leave a lasting mark on the political discourse in this country. Whether he wins this election or not, he is building an organization that ensures that this personal brand of nihilism continues to have a platform.”

Donna Barbisch, Major General (ret.) and former Director of Chemical and Biological Defense Program Integration

“In most areas of responsibility we have a balance of powers. Domestically and even diplomatically Congress can keep the President in check. However, as Commander in Chief, the President has unfettered power to commit our men and women in the services at his or her whim. All balances in the role of Commander in Chief are after the fact. Congress can sanction financially or impeach but only after we have committed troops and the dye is cast. The same with the Judiciary. Mr. Trump is too volatile and unpredictable to give him that much power. Sec. Clinton is much more balanced, experienced, and thoughtful in her approach.”

Niki Christoff, former member of the policy staff of John McCain 2008

James Clad, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asia

"In my career, I’ve seen close-up what happens when American reliability falters. It’s not pretty, for us or for the world. There is no choice: In razor sharp contrast to her opponent, Secretary Clinton is ready, steady and prepared. With a proven preference for bipartisanship, she must win this election."

Patrick Cronin, former Assistant Administrator for Policy and Program Coordination, USAID

"This is the defining election of my lifetime.  It is an election about what it means to be an American.  I am voting for Hillary because I want to be able to hold my head high and say that all I have worked for, an America that is an exceptional force, a land of unprecedented freedom, yet a caring nation that protects the most vulnerable in our society, and offers an exemplary model for others worldwide, that all of this was not a scam, not a reality TV show, but was my life, was the reason for my sacrifice, and that I did everything in my power to ensure that this great nation would continue now and forever."

Charles Dunne, former Foreign Policy Adviser to the Director for Strategic Plans and Policy at the Joint Staff in the Pentagon and former Director for Iraq, National Security Council

“I served in government for 24 years as an American diplomat, with experience at the George W. Bush NSC, the Pentagon, and State counterterrorism. I joined R4C16 because I find Trump’s international policies incoherent and alarming. In my view, they would abandon over 60 years of Republican consensus on foreign policy, especially on trade and alliances, and thus would be dangerous to US security if adopted. Hillary Clinton is the best option for a robust, strong, internationalist policy.”

James Filippatos, former Assistant Administrator for International Affairs, Federal Aviation Administration

Charles Fried, former Solicitor General

“Respect for our country, its Constitution, its history and traditions, just a sense of common decency, require that we not allow Donald Trump to be elected president of the United States. To invoke party loyalty, to dwell on one’s reservations about Hillary Clinton, to contemplate not voting at all, or the silly and self-defeating gesture of voting for the Libertarian or Green Party candidate, would be a frivolous failure of the most urgent present duty of patriotism. I support and shall vote for Hillary Clinton. Any other course risks complicity in a national catastrophe.”

Jana Chapman Gates, former speechwriter, US Department of the Treasury

Jean Geran, former member of the Secretary of State’s Office of Policy Planning

Jim Glassman, former Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs

Kathryn Hauser, former Deputy Assistant USTR for Multilateral Affairs

"Having served in senior leadership roles in both government and business over the past 30+ years, I am deeply concerned that Donald Trump does not have the breath of intellectual understanding to lead our country at this critical juncture.  Globalization and climate change are real and must be addressed directly and without apology; political upheaval and instability in all corners of the world require thoughtful engagement with our friends, allies and frenemies; economic growth and prosperity for Americans and the rest of the world depend on balanced policies that strengthen America’s leadership role in the world, expand investment in R&D and technological innovation, and reaffirm open trade policies, particularly on the new issues of the 21st Century.  Not only does Trump not possess the character and temperament to be president, but he also lacks the skills to work collaboratively with Congress, the Governors, States, business leaders and associations, non-government organizations and all the other stakeholders who must be part of the solutions to the issues that face our country.  Hillary Clinton can lead us and bring all sides together to reach solutions to these and other major issues facing America."

Justin Kintz, former Special Assistant External Affairs, US Department of the Interior

Mark Lagon, former President of Freedom House and former Ambassador-At-Large to Combat Trafficking in Persons in the George W. Bush administration

“I endorse Hillary Clinton for President because she will strongly promote U.S. leadership, strong bonds with democratic allies, and freer governance worldwide. Not only would the election of Donald Trump be a calamity for America, but also for a stable and prosperous world. Hillary Clinton exhibits the distinctive qualities to be a strong President. Her deep experience and commitment to human rights and the U.S as a unique positive force in the world deserve the backing of Republicans and Democrats alike.”

Frank Lavin, former White House Political Director, former US Ambassador to Singapore, former Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade

"Donald Trump lacks the character and the temperament to serve in public life.  He is not a conservative.  He is not a Republican.  He is not a model for our children."

Dallas Lawrence, former Director of the Office of Public Liaison for the United States Department of Defense and former spokesperson for Ambassador Paul Bremer in Iraq

Phil Levy, former member of the Secretary of State’s Office of Policy Planning

"I do not think Donald Trump is qualified to be President of the United States. He would harm our economy, degrade our relations with the rest of the world, and hurt our national security. "

Jim Magill, Chief Master Sergeant (ret.), US Air Force

“I am a 30-year vet, with combat deployments support to Desert Storm and Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and several operations supporting Deny Flight, Southern Comfort, and the Lebanese Embassy evacuation. I am a registered Republican in Sarpy county, Nebraska. And yes I am supporting Hillary. This is all about defeating Trump. I do not intend to become a Democrat.”  

Mario Mangiameli, Captain U.S. Marine Corps, (Ret.) and former Counterterrorism & Law Enforcement Policy Advisor, US Dept of Homeland Security

“History has taught us it takes only one bad leader for a nation to be set back significantly or cease to exist as its citizens once knew it. Donald Trump is woefully unqualified in every respect to be President of the United States. It is unfathomable that he could occupy the same Oval Office that President's Reagan, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Lincoln once did. Our nation’s economic and national security can never be jeopardized by the likes of such a person. He goes against the grain of everything our founding for fathers envisioned in a President.”

Robert Manning, former Member of the Secretary of State's Office of Policy Planning

“It is mind-boggling that the party of Lincoln, Roosevelt and Reagan has been taken hostage by Donald Trump, a fact-free, dangerous, ignorant, authoritarian with little regard for the Constitution or civility. Trump would not only put our economic future at risk, but spell the end of still needed US global leadership in perilous times. The nation needs a dynamic, center-right internationalist opposition Party. Hillary Clinton is a flawed candidate, but one that is competent to steer the ship of state and modernize a 21st century economy – and there is no other rational choice.”

Peter Mansoor, Colonel, US Army (Ret.)

"I've voted for every Republican presidential candidate from Reagan to Romney, but my vote this election will go to Hillary Clinton - the only qualified candidate left on the ballot. I look forward to working with like-minded Republicans to return the party back to the conservative principles that for so long have formed its bedrock. That is the only path to making our party great again."

David Meyers, former White House Assistant Staff Secretary and former Communications Advisor for the Senate Republican Leadership

“While Hillary Clinton is far from our first choice for president, a vote for anyone else is a vote for Donald Trump - and a vote that undermines 240 years of the miraculous American experiment. In 2016, there is simply no other option.”

Todd Moss, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State

"America's security and prosperity have been built on respect for individuals, promotion of free markets, and robust U.S. global leadership. On each of these foundations of American greatness, Secretary Clinton clearly beats the current Republican nominee."

David Nierenberg, former Mitt Romney 2012 National Finance Chair

“Trump is the most dangerous major party presidential candidate in my lifetime, maybe in American history. His character, temperament, and behavior definitely are not presidential. I don't think he's fit to be our president. He speaks positively about foreign dictators and acts like one himself. I have decided to endorse and support Hillary Clinton for president, even though everybody else I will vote for this November will be a real Republican. Hillary Clinton knows her stuff. She is emotionally mature and centered. She respects and enjoys working with people from all backgrounds. She has the diplomatic skills needed to break the gridlock in Washington and lead our country well. America needs a steady hand on the tiller. We cannot afford the risk of a man whose temperament and behavior are erratic.”

Richard Painter, former Chief White House Ethics Lawyer

“It’s my commitment to conservative values that leads me to support Clinton over Donald Trump, who represents an unthinkable step in the wrong direction — both for our country and for the Republican Party. For Republican voters who care about the economy, Clinton is clearly our best choice: She has the experience and skills necessary to ensure a stable economic environment, while Trump could precipitate an unprecedented economic disaster if he’s elected. No candidate will give us everything we want, but Hillary can keep us on a steady path.”

Larry Pressler, three-term Republican Senator, and two-term Republican House member

"As a Mormon, I was honored to be quoted by Hillary Clinton regarding the subject of religious freedom. If we start doing policies strictly based on one religion, such as Muslims, it will lead to a marginalization of all smaller religions. The Mormons had an extermination order against them in Missouri by Governor Boggs in 1838. The Jews had an extermination order against them in WWII. Donald Trump has brought a very dark approach to religious and philosophical thinking. We are on the verge of losing our democracy or our set of traditional values. I shall be speaking to Mormon groups in Utah and Nevada. Nevada, in particular, is hanging in the balance and Utah might vote democratic for the first time. Secretary Clinton could easily lose this race if her supporters are apathetic. We must get every group out to vote and I want traditional, Republican Mormons in Utah and Nevada to cast their first Democratic presidential ballot in 2016."

Sean Randolph, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy

"I started my political journey inspired by Barry Goldwater,  worked for conservative Republicans in the House, served in the Reagan Administration for nearly eight years in the White House, State Department and Energy Department, and later was an appointee of two Republican governors in California. So I apologize to no one for my Republican or conservative credentials. All of us, however, should want what's best for our country, and sometimes this requires choices that may be difficult. Donald Trump lacks the qualifications and temperament to lead our country. Words matter, and decisions regarding war and peace and the future of our economy are not like closing a casino deal. We all loved Ronald Reagan and Trump - who admires Vladimir Putin and disparages open trade - is not his heir. Not by a long shot. At a difficult time in our country, Reagan brought Republicans and many Democrats together with a positive vision of our country and its values. Trump, sadly, does the opposite. His vision is not "the shining city on a hill", and if elected his divisiveness will set our country back in ways that will be difficult to repair. Not voting or voting for a third party is not an effective response. This year, we have to draw a line in the sand for what is acceptable and what is unacceptable in our leaders. There's only one principled choice."

Ricardo Reyes, former Deputy Assistant USTR for Public Affairs

Stephen Rolandi, Former Deputy Commissioner, City of New York (M. Bloomberg Administration); Former Deputy Commissioner, State of New York (D. Paterson/A. Cuomo Administration); Former National Vice President, Ripon Society of the Republican Party; Founder/Charter Member, Brownstone Republican Club, Brooklyn, NYC

"I have been a lifelong Republican since 1972, and have been involved in public service, government and Republican politics at the national, state and local levels. I supported Governor Kasich's candidacy earlier this year. Mr. Trump has clearly demonstrated that he is ill-equipped and lacks the judgement to lead our nation at this critical moment in history. The only choice is to vote for the Clinton-Kaine ticket and Republican candidates for the House and Senate to have true bi-partisan government."

Paul R. Ruppert former Legislative Director to HUD Secretary Jack Kemp

"I came to DC to serve as a foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution. First for GOP Senator John Danforth. Then running campaigns for a GOP candidate for congress in Iowa, and the Senate in Ohio. Later I served in Ronald Reagan's Labor Department. I helped manage #41's campaign in Massachusetts, and worked for Jack Kemp at HUD. That public service positioned me well for two decades driving private sector growth in global high tech. Now, given my informed experience, I see the only way to stop Trump's stain on the GOP and America, is to vote for HRC. Reality not idealism. PerIod. Full stop. Vote country, not party.”

Andrew Sagor, former Special Assistant to the US Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues

"As a member of the Republican national security community I believe that we can be pessimistic about Secretary Clinton while also realizing the alternative to Secretary Clinton is far worse: Donald Trump is an unstable, ignorant, fundamentally unqualified and singularly dangerous candidate who has advocated dismantling decades-long, conflict-tested US alliances, who poses a distinct threat to civil liberty in the United States, and who can simply not be trusted to be the custodian over the world's most powerful arsenal as Commander-in-Chief. Unlike Donald Trump, Secretary Clinton, with all of her flaws, will not pose a threat to our Constitution, to our fundamental freedoms, and to our democratic institutions."

Mark Salter, former Advisor to Senator John McCain

“Hillary Clinton is not my idea of a conservative, but in this election she is the more conservative choice by far, and the least reckless one."

Jennifer Sarver, former Bush Administration Official, former GOP Senate Staffer, former RNC Professional Volunteer

“I’ve spent 20 years in Republican politics, but I am and always will be an American first. In this election we have two primary choices: someone who has substantive, credible, realistic policies that will move our country forward. Or, someone who divides, mocks and maligns, and whose campaign slogan explicitly yearns for the past. The choice is clear.”

The Honorable Robert S. Smith (Ret.), Former Associate Judge of the New York State Court of Appeals

'Donald Trump has a lot of views that should horrify any conservative, but that’s a secondary problem. What’s worse is that he has a short attention span and a loose lip. A president who shoots off his mouth without knowing what he’s talking about is one who can cause a depression or a war.. Hillary Clinton isn’t perfect, but she’s far preferable to him – he’s a disaster waiting to happen."

John Stubbs, former Senior Advisor USTR

Elizabeth Tamposi, former Assistant Secretary of State and former New Hampshire State Legislator

"If we aim to uphold our values of equality, tolerance and demonstrate empathy towards one another, I don't see how any person, regardless of their political persuasion, could vote for Donald Trump. His lack of knowledge about the world is both staggering and scary. He does not have the values, the knowledge or temperament to represent our people, our country, our honor."

Colin Tooze, former Member of the Office of Rep. Chris Cox (R-CA)

Dan Twining, former Member of the Secretary of State’s Office of Policy Planning

"Republicans believe that US leadership in the world reinforces our prosperity and security at home; that tending to our allies magnifies our influence; that revisionist adversaries must be resisted with all elements of national power; that promoting our values is another way of promoting our interests; and that immigration within limits is a source of national strength.   In this singular election, it is Hillary Clinton who best represents this worldview.  That's why I, a lifelong Republican, am for her."

Nia Elizabeth van der Velden, former New York Co-Chair of Maverick PAC

“I became a registered Republican seventeen years ago and this is the first time that I have ever supported a Democratic candidate for the Presidency. Though I do not agree with all of Mrs. Clinton's stances on the issues (the issue of worldwide taxation for expatriates comes to mind), I cannot in good faith vote for Donald Trump. His vision of America is not the country that I know and love. Donald Trump's vision for America is a dangerous one filled with hate, ignorance and violence. Country comes first before Party which is why I am supporting Mrs. Clinton. She is a level headed and rational woman who has proven herself to be competent during her time as a Senator and most recently, during her time as Secretary of State. She has been able to work with Republican Senators in order to pass bipartisan bills and I believe that as President, she would continue to work with Republican leadership.”

John Veroneau, former Deputy USTR, former Assistant Secretary of Defense

"Donald Trump plays on peoples’ worst fears and misunderstandings of trade. He doesn’t talk about the huge benefits for U.S. consumers or the millions of U.S. jobs that depend on exports. The purpose of trade agreements is to give U.S. consumers the widest access to global goods and to give U.S. exporters the broadest access to foreign markets. While these agreements should be more vigorously enforced, they have served American interests for the past 75 years. The last wave of protectionism to sweep over the country was in the 1920s and magnified the Great Depression. We should not look to repeat that disastrous history."

Davis White, former Member of the White House Office of Public Liaison






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