Statement: Reyes: Trump's Craven Immigration Flip-Flop

For Immediate Release: August 25, 2016

STATEMENT: R4C16's Reyes: Trump's Immigration Flip-Flop Is Craven

WASHINGTON, DC - This morning, Republicans for Clinton Co-founder Ricardo Reyes released the following statement about Donald Trump's changing position on immigration policy:

"Donald Trump's latest flip-flop on immigration is a craven attempt to walk back previous remarks that were too extreme even for his predominantly-white audiences. 

"Donald Trump is playing race baiting games, trying to pit African Americans and Hispanics against each other and against immigrants. It won't work. Immigrants come in every shade and ethnicity.”


Republicans for Clinton (R4C16) is a grassroots movement, independent of any official campaign, of concerned Republicans who are committed to vote for Hillary Clinton for President to defeat Donald Trump.