More Republicans for Clinton

For Immediate Release: September 21, 2016



Former Republican Senator, George W. Bush official, and former NY co-chair of Maverick PAC join R4C16

Almost 40 Republican leaders and former administration officials have endorsed Secretay Clinton and R4C16's efforts to defeat Donald Trump. On Wednesday, Former Republican Senator Larry Pressler, former George W. Bush official Amb. Mark Lagon and former Maverick PAC NY Co-Chair Nia Elizabeth van der Velden announced their endorsement of Clinton and their support for R4C16.

Larry Pressler, three-term Republican Senator, and two-term Republican House member:

"As a Mormon, I was honored to be quoted by Hillary Clinton regarding the subject of religious freedom. If we start doing policies strictly based on one religion, such as Muslims, it will lead to a marginalization of all smaller religions. The Mormons had an extermination order against them in Missouri by Governor Boggs in 1838. The Jews had an extermination order against them in WWII. Donald Trump has brought a very dark approach to religious and philosophical thinking. We are on the verge of losing our democracy or our set of traditional values. I shall be speaking to Mormon groups in Utah and Nevada. Nevada, in particular, is hanging in the balance and Utah might vote democratic for the first time. Secretary Clinton could easily lose this race if her supporters are apathetic. We must get every group out to vote and I want traditional, Republican Mormons in Utah and Nevada to cast their first Democratic presidential ballot in 2016."

Amb. Mark Lagon, former President of Freedom House and former Ambassador-At-Large to Combat Trafficking in Persons in the George W. Bush administration:

“I endorse Hillary Clinton for President because she will strongly promote U.S. leadership, strong bonds with democratic allies, and freer governance worldwide. Not only would the election of Donald Trump be a calamity for America, but also for a stable and prosperous world. Hillary Clinton exhibits the distinctive qualities to be a strong President. Her deep experience and commitment to human rights and the U.S as a unique positive force in the world deserve the backing of Republicans and Democrats alike.”

Nia Elizabeth van der Velden, former New York Co-Chair of Maverick PAC:

“I became a registered Republican seventeen years ago and this is the first time that I have ever supported a Democratic candidate for the Presidency.

Though I do not agree with all of Mrs. Clinton's stances on the issues (the issue of worldwide taxation for expatriates comes to mind), I cannot in good faith vote for Donald Trump. His vision of America is not the country that I know and love. Donald Trump's vision for America is a dangerous one filled with hate, ignorance and violence.

Country comes first before Party which is why I am supporting Mrs. Clinton. She is a level headed and rational woman who has proven herself to be competent during her time as a Senator and most recently, during her time as Secretary of State. She has been able to work with Republican Senators in order to pass bipartisan bills and I believe that as President, she would continue to work with Republican leadership.”




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