Split Your Ticket: Vote Clinton/Burr in North Carolina

For Immediate Release: September 30, 2016

Republicans for Clinton urges reelecting Richard Burr to the US Senate

Washington, DC. Republicans for Clinton in 2016 (R4C16) is urging voters in North Carolina to vote by mail and split their ticket, supporting Sec. Hillary Clinton for President and re-electing Republican Richard Burr to the U.S. Senate.

“Clinton + Republican leadership in Congress = stability” said John Stubbs, co-founder of R4C16. “Clinton is the only person standing between Donald Trump and the White House. For the future of the GOP, Trump cannot win.”

Ricardo Reyes, R4C16 co-founder continued, “For the good of the country it’s vital to maintain a cooperative balance in Washington DC. Good leadership in the White House must be checked and balanced with the same on Capitol Hill, and North Carolina voters bear that responsibility.”

Beginning on September 9th, voters in North Carolina could cast their ballot by mail. R4C16 is encouraging voters to cast their votes early, and to split their ticket. R4C16 is encouraging the millions of Republicans who reject Donald Trump's campaign to vote for Secretary Clinton and to also vote for Republican leaders in the House and Senate.


Republicans for Clinton in 2016 (R4C16) is a grassroots movement, independent of any official campaign, of concerned Republicans who are committed to vote for Hillary Clinton for President to defeat Donald Trump. R4C16 has partnered with the #NeverTrump app to connect voters in safe states to trade their vote with a swing state voter as part of the Trump Traders initiative. Learn more at R4C16.org.