Trump vs. Reagan In Their Own Words


The first video from R4C16 demonstrates the wisdom of a true leader, actually warning the nation against Trump

Today, Republicans for Clinton in 2016 (R4C16) released its first video of the general election campaign. The short film throws Reagan's optimistic leadership into stark contrast with Donald Trump's demagoguery, by simply showing each man in his own words.

Watch the short film here:

"The entire focus of our voter outreach is on the 4-5 million Republican voters who won't vote for Trump but might still be on the fence about supporting Clinton: we're going to bring them across" said John Stubbs, R4C16 Co-Founder.

"Voters can experience for themselves, in sharp relief, the difference between a leader and a charlatan. By stripping away the endless political chatter and speculation, this short video offers a glimpse for younger generations into why we are Republicans" said Ricardo Reyes, R4C16 Co-Founder.


Republicans for Clinton in 2016 (R4C16) is a grassroots movement, independent of any official campaign, of concerned Republicans who are committed to vote for Hillary Clinton for President to defeat Donald Trump. Learn more at