Make Your Vote Matter


If you're a #NeverTrump Republican in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina or Texas, make your vote matter this election - trade it with someone else. 

Republicans must do everything in their power to ensure Donald Trump is not the next President of the United States. Any Republican in a swing state who is considering a vote for Gary Johnson should instead become a Trump Trader and pledge to swap votes with a voter in a safe state. The safe state voter will then vote for Johnson, and the swing state voter will vote for Clinton. Johnson still gets a vote without risking a swing state that could be the difference in defeating Donald Trump.


Trump Trades will prevent Mr. Trump from winning crucial battleground states like Florida and Ohio.


Phone a friend and become a Trump Trader, or connect with other #TrumpTraders online. We like the recently launched #NeverTrump app that can help you find voters to match and swap with.


will it work?

Trading votes isn't new. In 2000, Nader’s Traders implored supporters of Green Party candidate Ralph Nader to vote instead for the Democratic nominee Al Gore. In 2000, it didn’t work. But in the era of widespread social media, and with millions of Republicans refusing to vote for Trump, it could work now.

In fact, data suggests it did work last year in Canada, where 1.4 million Canadians switched their vote from the New Democratic Party to Liberal in a span of three weeks. That vote trading may well have swung the election to Justin Trudeau, Canada's current Prime Minister.

Let's look at Ohio. In 2012, 94% of Republicans in the Buckeye State voted for Mitt Romney (5% voted for Barack Obama with 1% for "other). This year polls show a whopping 18% of Republicans in Ohio who don't support Donald Trump. If a majority of those Ohioans were supporting Hillary Clinton, she'd hold a commanding lead. But Clinton is winning barely a third of those Republicans, which are split evenly between supporting her, supporting Johnson, and undecided. The result? Polling shows Trump winning Ohio by a point if the election were held today, 46% to 45% over Clinton.


Swing state #NeverTrump Republicans will be the deciding factor in this election.



Half of all eligible voters may sit out this year's presidential election. This is in keeping with historical trends, and the rationale is a similar refrain: "my vote won't matter." A handful of swing states will decide the contest between Trump and Clinton, so voters in dozens of states feel irrelevant. This year that includes as many as five million Republicans who are unwilling to vote for Donald Trump - most of whom live in safe states that will not decide the election. Trump Traders is both an empowerment tool for these voters, and a call-to-action: do not let stand idly by this election season. Find a Johnson supporter in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, or Texas, and trade them your safe state Johnson vote in exchange for their swing state Clinton vote. You'll be doing your part to defeat Donald Trump and in the process boosting Republican turnout across the country.



#NeverTrump Republicans who choose to vote tactically can help maintain the GOP's majority in the Senate. We need to preserve GOP leadership in Congress in order to engage the eventual Clinton administration with Republican priorities. 



Read a detailed outline of the Trump Traders idea in the New York Times.


Want To Be A #TrumpTrader?


If you are interested in swapping votes or want to help launch a conversation to make the most of each and every Republican vote this year, please contact us at You can also check out the #NeverTrump app to connect with other voters and make a swap.