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Friends don’t let friends protest vote in swing states

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Swing States Matter

The election will once again be decided by a handful of swing states. If you live in one of the following five states, any vote that is not for Clinton risks a Trump presidency:

Florida – 29 electoral votes

North Carolina – 15 electoral votes

Ohio – 18 electoral votes

Pennsylvania – 20 electoral votes

Texas – 38 electoral votes


Your Vote Matters

We get it. Secretary Clinton is not your favorite. But at this point she is the only one standing between Trump and the White House. If Mr. Trump wins the election the Republican Party becomes the party of Trump, and that’s probably the least of our problems.

If you are #NeverTrump but want to support Gary Johnson or another third party candidate in a swing state, don’t do it. You may toss the election to Trump.

Instead, find a friend in a state that’s safely blue or red – they’ll vote for your third party candidate in exchange for your vote for Clinton.

Don’t allow Gary Johnson to be the Ralph Nader of the 2016 election.


Trump Trades will prevent Mr. Trump from winning crucial battleground states like Florida and Ohio.


How Do I Participate?

It’s easy.

1) Decide Donald Trump must not be elected President. 

2) Find a friend in a safe state who is voting for Clinton and ask them to vote for your candidate in exchange for you voting Clinton in a swing state.

3) Your swing state vote becomes a full vote against Trump by voting for Clinton, and your third party candidate still gets a vote. 


How Do I Find A Friend?

To quickly find friends in swing states or safe states, use the #NeverTrump app.


Tell Me More

Read a detailed outline of the Trump Traders idea in The New York Times.

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"By voting tactically in 2016, conscientious Republicans can still prevent the worst-case scenario: Mr. Trump taking over the White House, and the G.O.P."